Happy and Suicidal - Selfie to Snuff Life or bring Smile ? - Solution in Sight

Happy and Suicidal - Selfie to Snuff Life or bring Smile ? - Solution in Sight

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Kishore Gidwani started this petition to Google inc (Android team @ Google) and

Introduction on Selfie Deaths and Injuries

Today, when a growing child is going for a party or a picnic along with friends or school, the parents apart from asking their child to be careful also tell their child to be extremely careful while taking selfie photos from the phone.

Pictures through selfie is becoming a rage day by day. Such is the impulse that even the then President of US could not resist from taking a selfie picture with the British and Danish Prime Ministers in the month of December 2013 at Mr Nelson Mandela's funeral.

The injuries and fatalities while taking selfies continue unabated. Just recently two young boys died in Mumbai while taking selfie pictures on their mobile phone.

Wikipedia states the number of selfie deaths and injuries across the world. In our country alone 90 number of people have died and 50 number of people have been injured during the ever craze for selfies. Worldwide casualities are more than 200. Come to think of it, our country is nearly half in fatalties. 

Suggestion to reduce such injuries and deaths


A humble suggestion to address this problem.

In our country there are two major Operating Systems on the phone. Just like the desktop computers have Windows or Linux or Unix on their computers, the mobile phones operate on Android Operating System supplied by Google or IOS supplied by Apple.

Thus most of the smartphones in our country work on these two operating systems, with the exception of JIO smartphone working on the kaiOS system, which is backed by Google.

The mentioned operating systems on the mobile phones can be modified in such a way that as soon as when the selfie mode is activated on the mobile phone, it should show a standard warning asking the cell phone holder to be careful in his pose since xxx number of people have died so far while taking selfies. The number of deaths can be periodically updated by the Software companies viz. Google, Apple, Jio. The warning message can flash for 7 seconds with a timer and activate the selfie camera after 7 seconds. Clever minds might find a way out by opening selfie camera in advance, but that can be countered by selfie camera getting deactivated after 10 seconds so that it again has to be initiated afresh. All this for probably saving a life, not a bad deal !

Social World Responsibility 

There have been many cases of people announcing their suicide and casting their act live on Facebook. Facebook now has Artificial Intelligence (AI) in place and if there are symptoms of any Facebook user planning suicide, the AI passes on the info to a manually staffed team who track the user and send necesary help to avert the suicide. Facebook has claimed to save many people from this measure, thereby sending a message of its responsibility towards its vast user base. Similiarly Global companies like Google and Apple should think deeply on the Selfie Fatal incidents and can work on the suggested mode of delayed click on Selfie to avert the spur of the moment click turning into a fatality or injury. 


A selfie moment is often supposed to be a happy moment, but ends tragically. This measure if implemented will pause the excitement of the selfie taker and judge his/her position during the selfie. When Mobile manufacturing companies can come out with more powered selfie cameras, this small measure of selfie camera starting after a timer of 5 seconds with a precautionary message of the mobile holder to be more careful will save countless lives. 


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At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!