Lift Strathcona High School's hat ban

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            " Inside the school, headwear will not be worn unless for religious reasons. In situations where clothing is inappropriate, students will be asked to alter their dress, or they may be sent home and their parents consulted." ( Page 4 article 3 paragraph 1 of School Policies 2017) 

            At Strathcona High School the motto is "As One Who Serves" students as well as staff value learning, ownership, respect, determination, and social responsibility. Although for various reasons in the 1900's removing ones hat (particuartly for men) while inside was deemed appropriate while being seen as a sign of respect, but much like many other outlandish policies it has become more of a traditional routine rather than an reasonable code of conduct. For a multitude of valid situations hats should be allowed within the school. For some students it is a matter of self expression, comfort, hyegine, or even fashion. To put a policy such as this by sending a student with a bad hair day, for example home is a offence against their right to education and personal security in an environment of adolescent's.