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Girl's rights to wear leggings to school

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As students of Hanover High school, we are already extremely limited as to what we can wear to school that's deemed "appropriate", especially for girls. We currently are unable to wear shorts or dresses that are not fingertip length and also anything too tight or distracting. For girls, this leaves us with two choices: Find something that is longer than fingertip (which is very difficult to find in stores nowadays), or stick to jeans or leggings. Now you're taking away our right to wear leggings as well, and with that being the case, also taking away girls sense of security with themselves. As people, we tend to have feelings of insufficiency amongst our peers, some more than others. For many girls, wearing jeans is an unflattering way of showing things they don't feel comfortable in showing. Now in standard cases, these girls would simply just wear a pair of sweats or leggings to make themselves feel more compatible, but now the school is making them feel as though they look lazy and underdressed or wearing a piece of clothing that is unflattering to themselves. Leggings are a type of pants that fit all of our restrictions from the previous dress code, they're thick and don't show anything inappropriate, and if the argument comes up that they're too tight and show too much? Half of the girls at school wear jeans that are tighter and show more than the leggings. Are you going to take that away from us too? I'm not about to try and pin some blame onto guys, but while the dress code continuously puts down any form of clothing us girls can wear, it only limits guys to basically no hats and no muscle shirts. As women, we should not be seen as sexual objects in the eyes of the school or the members who attend there, and as a result should not be punished for wearing clothing that was perfectly fine to wear a few months ago. It's not fair to us to limit what we can wear even more so than what you already have done, and that's why we're petitioning. Not to demand for less homework or better grades, but to ask that our simple rights be acknowledged.

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