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Hannah the Pet Society (a FOR-PROFIT company): Stop this for profit org. from selling a contract to have "pets for rent".


Hannah the Pet Society (a FOR-PROFIT company) with this unconscious way of "renting" animals. This "pet for rental" approach is unethical, irresponsible and morally wrong. The animals are the ones who suffer, as well as those animals in need in finding forever homes from shelters and legitimate rescues.What happens when the puppy is no longer cute and not wanted? What happens to the puppy's overall emotional/physical well-being? A precious animal is not a rental car, is a separate living and breathing soul living on four paws. If their match-maker "Hannahware" is so brilliant then WHY are they giving a puppy prozac in order to make it's 'rent-a-mom' happy? That puppy clearly needs a different environment and is the voiceless one suffering from lack of proper placement. If this is just one story, how many others to follow. The is just morally unethical in every way. Please let your opinions be heard for the ones with no voices that are now for rental and profit with no regards for innate well being in this business model of greed and convenience.


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  • Hannah the Pet Society (a FOR-PROFIT company)

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