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Ban Puppy Mills in Illinois

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As you may or may not know, California has become the first state to ban the sale of animals from puppy mills. If you're not sure what that exactly means I can explain. It means that there has been a law signed which requires pet stores to work with animal shelters or any type of rescue operation if they want to sell dogs, cats, or rabbits in their facility. For those of you who feel strongly about this subject the way I do, then let's get together. Let's ban puppy mills from Illinois, let's ban large commercial dog breeding where profit is given over the well being of the animals. I have a rescue dog myself, his name is Groot (yes he is a guardian of the galaxy) I adopted him from Wright Way Rescue located in Morton Grove. He was 8 months old when I got him, very shy. Now he is a little over a year old, and has come out of his shell. He is absolutely the best dog ever. As my boyfriend and I always say "he is the perfect pup". My wish is for more people to adopt, and if puppy mills are banned, the adoption rate will sky rocket. 


This is nothing against dog breeders. My family has two Portuguese Water Dogs who are amazing that we got from a breeder. Breeding dogs is OK if you do it because you love the breed. Dog breeders are licensed, they know how to take care of the dogs they breed, and distribute them to the right homes.

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