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Put dining options in Indiana University IMU that accept meal points

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Dining halls, convenience stores, and restaurants around campus often accept regular currency in addition to meal points. This system is convenient because it allows for people who do and do not have meal plans to find a place around campus to eat. However, the Indiana Memorial Union is the exception to this system, as it does not accept meal points. While you can still use regular currency to pay for meals, this is often inconvenient and annoying for students who do have meal plans and spend a lot of time in this area.

The IMU is host for many campus events and is often advertised as a place for students to study and spend time between classes. Because of this, it should be a place that is observant of students' needs. Many students do not budget much extra money for food outside of their meal plan because they should be able to rely on these systems for the majority of their meals. While no one is being forced to purchase meals at the IMU, there are not many places in the area that accept meal points or provide a good place to sit down and study. 

It does not make sense that the main building where many students spend a good amount of time should be one of the only places that does not accept the meal plans that are highly suggested that students purchase. Meal plans are mandatory for freshmen, yet they are useless here. The meal plan system at IU has a lot of flaws, but this issue is one of the more annoying inconveniences, and it should be altered to suit students' needs. 

Because of this, there should be dining options added that accept meal points. Another option would be to alter the restaurant system that currently exists so that students can use their meal plans at these locations. Sign this petition to alert the directors of the IMU and RPS that this is an inconvenience to students and needs to be resolved. 

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