Hands off Denmead War Memorial Hall

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Built in the 1920s to honour the locals who had been killed and wounded in the First World War, this place has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I'm one of 4 brothers, all of us attended pre-school here (One of us was in the very first intake in '84...I'm not that old). I can remember playing in the hall and out in the field as a kid. When we were a bit older we played football on here with our mates. I even learnt how to ride a bike here. And more recently my 2 boys attended the same pre-school. They're doing the same thing I did 30 or so years ago.

The Denmead Parish Council have now decided that they want to build a few houses on the land. 

The Hall was set up as a trust by local villagers to be run by a Management Committee. When the last surviving trust member died it was passed over to the Denmead Parish Council who were meant to act as custodial trustees for the land and buildings.

This isn't the first time they have tried to develop the land. They were rebuffed in 2014. They are now playing dirty. They have removed the fences which protect the pre-schoolers from the main road and have installed a knee-high fence. They also want to change the name to 'Heath Field'.

Their plan is to say that it's open to public use and is not being used by the general public, so is therefore OK to build on. 

Here's the kicker. The trust deed 'the governing document' specifies the committee's duties and responsibilities and says that the hall must be run for the benefit of the inhabitants of Denmead.

I'm just one person in this village. There must be thousands more like me that have had the same experiences that I have. If this building goes ahead then that's the end of it. No more sports days. No more kids learning about nature out in the field during pre-school. No more footy during the summer holidays.

Please support our request to the Denmead Parish Council for the grounds to remain a safe fenced play area for local children.

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