Hands off Christmas!

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The City of Victoria council is discussing the option of not allowing Christmas Trees, poinsettias and/or any other Christian symbolism at Christmas.

To rescind this decision and let us celebrate Christmas. 

Personal story
I am a proud Christian who believes that people of all religions have the right to celebrate their faith and holidays. This is why I am asking the council to  leave our Christmas decorations alone! People of different faiths have the choice to celebrate as well in their own way. Just because one council member doesn't like Christmas doesn't mean he should ruin it for everyone else. People of all cultures and religions celebrate this holiday one way or another regardless of their faith. Christmas is a holiday that brings people together and the decorations are a great joy for kids and adults. 

If this council wants to kill Christmas then they will have to take away all that it comes with it...including the consumer side of things. No more gifts, santa, turkey dinner, lights and most importantly they have to go to work on Christmas day without double pay!