Petition to Save the Yemen Mural!

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The iconic mural portraying Yemeni heritage and culture in the city of Hamtramck can potentially be lost to us forever, and it hasn't even been with us for very long.

As a Yemeni woman who finds solace, home, and a sense of familiarity and love from this particular mural, the news of its possible blocking upsets me so much. As a born and bred Detroiter with my roots newly planted in this country but my ancestry rooted in Yemen, I can turn to my city, its people and its beautiful art anytime and anywhere. However, with my country in its current state of famine, destruction, and genocide, we have nothing else to look at with hope but ourselves, our families, and this mural. This kind reminder of our beautiful motherland is all that we have, and learning of its blocking is truly upsetting to me. That is why I am fighting it now. I demand a seat at the table of comfort, hospitality and second-chances in this country for my people, even more so now that my people are being banned, belittled, silenced, starved, and killed by the thousands.

I am demanding for them, and for every single person who has and will ever seek life, liberty, and a chance at pursuing happiness. 

To learn more about this situation, please read this article by The Hamtramck Review: Art obscura? Yemeni mural is threatened by construction project

We are petitioning to Save the Yemen Mural in Hamtramck, Michigan.  

We the undersigned are opposed to any building that would block the iconic Yemen Mural on Joseph Campau in Hamtramck. We ask that the lot owner negotiate with the City of Hamtramck and with the community to come up with a fair solution. We will not support any business that destroys the mural or obscures it from visibility.