Resignation or Removal of William R. Harvey from Presidency at Hampton University

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It is time for a change at Hampton University! Current President William R. Harvey has repeatedly failed those who he pledged to serve as the President of our Illustrious Hampton University. Due to the reasons detailed below, we the current students, alumni, parents, and supporters of HU believe that it is time for William R. Harvey to retire or resign.

Update 06/06/2020: As requested, we have compiled a more targeted list of student complaints under the Harvey Administration. Each complaint will be expanded on in the formal letter to administration and the board of trustees. The original petition can be found in the updates section at the bottom of this page. 

Targeted Complaints:

  • Atypical length of President Harvey’s tenure. In 2018, the average tenure for a college President was 6.5 years. President Harvey has been in office for 42 years.
  • Conflicts between student interest and President Harvey’s personal, political, and business investments.
  • Outdated and discriminatory policies. These include hair policies, curfew & visitation, student dress code, and more.
  • Failure of The Harvey Administration to communicate important decisions with students and parents in a timely manner. These include late COVID-19 Response and tone-deaf response to the murder of George Floyd.
  • Mishandling of Title IX (sexual assault) cases. Conflict of interest due to President Harvey’s daughter, Kelly Harvey-Viney, serving as Title IX Coordinator.
  • New buildings & attractions being built while current dorms & academic buildings are falling apart. Several students have documented respiratory issues and hospitalizations due to mold and mildew growing in older buildings. 
  • Underfunding & less emphasis of certain academic departments. Loss of School of Pharmacy Accreditation falls under this complaint.
  • June 2020 removal of The Hampton University Golf Team & rescinded athletic scholarships of Golf Team Members. Find out how to support these students here:

The reasons stated above only represent a fraction of the issues under The Harvey Administration. Others can be found below in the update of this petition. For far too long, our school has operated on the principle of keeping Hampton’s issues out of the public eye. We share this petition to garner the support of our fellow classmates, alumni, families, and friends. Once we have gained enough signatures to reflect the majority of the current student body, a formal letter will be sent to the Hampton University administration and board of trustees. If our concerns are not acknowledged and addressed, Hampton University will continue to see a steady decline in admissions and donations. There will also be an increase in transfers and un-enrollment. It is time for Hampton University to move into a new era where all of our #BlackLivesMatter and our voices are heard!

Lastly, if this petition is successful, we the students and alumni demand transparency and a chance to be involved in selecting the new President of Hampton University. Removing the current President from office will be fruitless if someone that has already been groomed takes his place. If you are a student or alumni of Hampton University, please email if you would like to share any constructive suggestions on how the current administration should move forward. Negative emails will not be entertained. Thank you!

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