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Terminate Employee Who Abused & Wounded Deaf Rescue Dog

The Hampton Inn in Hershey, PA, operated by Hersha Hospitality Management headquartered in Philadelphia, PA,  needs to revisit their hiring practices. They import cheap labor from a country and culture known for abusing, raping, and killing dogs with no remorse or recourse to work in a "pet-friendly" hotel at a well-known tourist attraction!

Now one of their employees, Huseyin Kamil (aka Jato James), kicked a dog while off duty at the dog's home and inflicted serious injuries to this already terminally ill dog.  This was not the first time he was witnessed abusing dogs--he is linked to two other incidents. 

Really Hampton Inn/HHM...that's the best you can do for your guests? Though this did not happen in your hotel,  you were noified by many outraged citizens and did nothing!  How many more Jato Jame's are working there?!! America demands better for our pets and our families!!!

We demand you terminate this man's employment and rethink your hiring practices for our pet's, our children's, and our safety.

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  • Hampton Inn - Hershey, PA
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    Hersha Hospitality Management

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