Abandon the proposed idea of changing the Sixth Form Uniform to Suits

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Hampton College are planning to change the current school uniform of 'Smart Casual Wear' to Suits. If this goes ahead, it will be enforced from September 2015. This will be for both males and females.

The school, despite saying they will consult both pupils and parents, have said that pupils and parents are only being asked out of courtesy, and the opinions are effectively invalid, as it is the school's decision. However, the school have certainly not considered the costs (which have been broken down below) and I feel that with enough people supporting this petition, such as parents, current sixth form pupils and year 11's who will be the first 'new' sixth form year to be affected by this, the school's idea could be overturned.

I, amongst the majority of Year 12 Hampton College students, are strongly against the idea.

The current 'Dress Code' for sixth form students is as follows:

We believe the dress code outlined below creates a balance between some degree of individuality whilst recognising the importance of representing the College positively within the school and the wider community.



  • Smart trousers - neutral coloured (no bright colours, denim material, jeans or jean style, casual trousers such as combats, track suits, sportswear or shorts).
  • Formal shirt or polo shirt (with a collar). Small logos on the chest of shirts are acceptable, however larger logos are not.
  • Ties and/or suit jackets may be worn, although these are not compulsory.
  • A plain coloured smart jumper or cardigan may be worn.
  • Smart shoes, no trainers.
  • Discrete jewellery is permitted e.g. one ring, a chain or an earring.



  • Smart trousers or knee-length skirt - neutral coloured (no bright colours). Denim material, jeans or jean style, combats, track suits, sportswear or shorts are not permitted.
  • A suit jacket may be worn, but this is not compulsory.
  • Blouse or shirt.
  • A plain coloured smart jumper/cardigan may be worn.
  • Smart shoes or boots are permitted (not ‘Ugg’ style) with a sensible heel. Trainers or stiletto heeled shoes are not allowed for health and safety reasons.
  • Students are allowed to wear discrete jewellery and make up.



  • Jeans and denim jackets (or anything denim) are not allowed.
  • Sportswear (except whilst undertaking PE lessons) is not allowed.
  • Outdoor/casual jackets, hooded tops, hats, baseball caps and scarves are not to be worn around the College.
  • Cropped trousers or shorts are not allowed.
  • Casual T-shirts, vests or tops (with or without logos) are not permitted.
  • Avoid any clothing that is overly revealing.


The School reserves the right to decide what is considered appropriate. If students or parents require clarification on any of the above, please consult with the Director of Sixth Form.


The point is to be business-like as well as stylish.


I feel that this petition is neccessary as the Hampton College Sixth Form Deparment have clearly not thought through this idea.

Hampton College's sixth form department claimed that one suit would be sufficient enough to last throughout the school year, and this would come to a cost of just £50 from  a retailer such as Matalan.

Firstly, one suit would of course not be enough to last the whole year. On top of this, there will be costs of shoes, shirts, ties and even dry-cleaning which will easily exceed £100. I have looked at the prices of men's suits at local retailers in the Hampton area, and found that the cheapest priced suit at 'Next' is £79. The cheapest shirt at 'Next' is £12, the cheapest tie is £8, and the cheapest pair of smart shoes (that would be viewed appropiate if this idea is to go ahead) is £25. Therefore, if a student was to buy 2 suits, (which would most likely be the minimum) 3 shirts, 2 ties and a pair of shoes, the cost of this would come to £235. Another retailer in Serpentine Green is Topshop.  I have again calculated the price of the 2 cheapest suits, 3 cheapest shirts, 2 cheapest ties and the cheapest pair of shoes (from Topman), and the prices comes out at £316, which is £266 more than the price predicted by Hampton College. (These prices are not including sale prices, as they of course vary, and I have also not included the price of dry-cleaning.) These prices which have been calculated are similar for both girls and boys, as girls too would be expected to wear suits, although I was informed that skirts would be acceptable. Although, this of course leads to another issue, as there could be rules enforced on the length of girls' skirts, however these rules could also be broken, simply causing more problems.

Ultimately, I feel that this idea that the school have already put forward to governors has certainly not been thought through. From my research, with the minimum cost of a sufficient number suits, shirts and ties being £235, the idea should certainly be questioned. Currently, the school uniform, which includes 'smart trousers', a buttoned shirt or polo shirt, and smart shoes comes out at a price of £125 (this is for 2 pairs of trousers, 3 buttoned shirts and a pair of smart shoes, all from Next.) This is £110 less than the idea which is being proposed currently, which in the current economic climate, is a considerable amount of money to many families.

I accept that the current school uniform rules are broken by a small minority of people, with students wearing skinny jeans or t-shirts with large logos on them, however enforcing suits doesn't resolve the problem, it simply leads to another as what is to stop people breaking the rules of suits too? The main issue is that the school do not inform the rules strictly enough, as too many people get away with wearing clothing which doesn't fit with the 'Dress Code.' If Hampton College were firmer on the rules, they would not be broken as regularly by a small number of Sixth Form students as they currently are. The way to resolve this is by telling pupils to go home and change, not expecting them to spend £235 on suits, because the school are unable to manage the uniform of its Sixth Form which has less than 200 students.




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