Changes to crossings on A27 Southampton Road

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As you will all know on 3rd June 2019 my amazing son Ben was tragically killed on the A27 Southampton road. He was crossing on an unofficial crossing when the accident happened. There is one set of traffic lights by the Mill pub and that is it until almost at Argos. Changes need to be made on that road so nobody else has to go through what we have (Ben isn’t the only child to be killed in that same location) there is 1 sign warning of a school (that’s going up the hill) there isn’t any form of school crossing patrol anywhere on that road at all. We also noticed that a lot of schools have the lights that flash warning of a school during school hours. A school situated on the main road and 40 mph is too fast. 

We would really like to see some changes on this road before another child looses their life. Therefore we would like to see a zebra crossing instead of the unofficial crossing that is currently there and more school warning signs present.