A safer and slower Andover Road

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The Kings Barton Residents Association (KBRA) is a politically independent organisation working with local groups, public administration and the developer for the benefit of the entire community. 

KBRA circulated this petition in person initially and to date has gained the support of local residents, Headbourne Worthy Parish Council, City and County councillors, the Kings Barton Forum, Barton Farm Academy and various other clubs and organisations.  

We thank those who have already signed this petition on paper, you do not have to sign this petition again if you already have.

As collecting further signatures is proving difficult under the current COVID-19 lockdown regulations, we have now moved our petition online in order to gain much needed further support. 

----- PETITION -----

We are disappointed at the lack of action by Hampshire County Council following the death of a pedestrian on Andover Road. Local residents want to see a pedestrian crossing installed at the site, near the Halls Farm footpath. The future of movement in the area should focus less on cars and more on active travel, using walking, cycling and longer term on public transport. 

More than 2,000 houses are due to be built on Kings Barton and Andover Road is changing quickly from a semi-rural road to a residential road. Starting in September, more and more residents from Weeke and Harestock will be using the new Kings Barton centre and the Barton Farm Primary Academy every day. More and more residents of Kings Barton are using Henry Beaufort school and the facilities in Harestock and Weeke every day. Pedestrian traffic is increasing dramatically. We need action now to reduce speed and support the safe passage of residents between Kings Barton, Harestock and Weeke.

But all we see, with plans for works on the M3, is the situation worsening as traffic and HGVs in particular use the Andover Road to navigate road diversions. Urgent action is needed to keep us all safe and well. As a matter of priority, we call on Hampshire City Council to listen to and act on the concerns of local people by:

  1. Installing a crossing at the site of the incident, improving walking and cycling routes, and engineering the road for safety and slower speeds
  2. Reducing the speed limit from 50/40mph to 30mph – reflecting the crossing and the new residential nature of the Andover Road
  3. Taking further measures, such as changes to crossing phasing and lighting – to encourage HGVs to use the official diversion routes

We understand that the County Council is considering banning heavy goods vehicles and coaches from using the City Centre as a through route; this would be most helpful in reinforcing the above measures and removing the nuisance of night-time noise.

Please sign our petition, your support matters!

Kings Barton Residents Association, an independent body representing local residents and our community.