Help keep our children safe, we desperately need a Pedestrian Crossing on Chestnut Avenue

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Nicky Goodridge
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Crestwood's School Council feel passionate about this issue and are campaigning along with our Councillor Wayne Irish to make Chestnut Avenue safer. Here is a letter composed by our School Council.

Dear Hampshire County Council,

We are writing this letter today as students of Crestwood Community School, as we feel the roads surrounding our school are putting our safety at risk. 

The Cherbourg Campus is located in an area which is surrounded by a network of busy roads, along with a Primary School and two large colleges, all leading to an excess of traffic in what is a small, built-up area.  

Our main concern is the entrance on Chestnut Avenue, where we feel that students are taking their life in their hands when trying to cross such a busy road at peak times of day.  The culmination of cars travelling at high speed, bends in the road and parked cars obstructing our vision, all lead to anxiety and fear for those trying to cross safely.  Even when the road looks clear, often cars and buses will appear suddenly, causing great danger for pedestrians.  Over the past two years, at least three people have been hit whilst crossing Chestnut Avenue, all incidents caused by cars and buses flying by at extreme speeds. Three people may be a small number compared to the number of people hit by cars on a daily basis and thankfully there have been no fatalities, however, as students, that number is horrifying.  We believe it is only a matter of time before someone is killed and we don't want to wait until that happens to take action.

We, as the Student Council of our school, would like to bring your attention to this matter. We all joined this team to help make sure our school is a safe and enjoyable environment for all and would like to suggest some ideas for improvement.

As a school, knowing a student could have lost their life, scares and upsets us extremely. We have children as young as 11 years old and upward attempting to cross this busy road every day and would like to see a pelican or zebra crossing, '20 is plenty' signs, or a crossing patrol person put in place to improve safety on this road, or a combination of all three.  We are sure you will agree that no parent/carer wants to receive a phone call saying their child has been injured or worse due to lack of consideration from drivers in the area.  

You will be aware of the reasonably new Lakeside housing estate in the area, coupled with the new housing estate currently under construction at Stoneham Park. It has come to our attention that due to the number of new families moving into the area, the road has become a lot busier and more students will be attempting to reach our school from surrounding areas. This means more people are at risk of being hurt if traffic is increased and they cannot cross at a safe place.

In order to try to bring awareness to the drivers, we have made multiple posters trying to increase awareness of how their speed and dangerous driving could cause an injury or even worse. Unfortunately this has not had the desired impact. To avoid the horrible consequences of what could potentially happen, we hope you consider our appeal and try to help us make the roads around our school safer.

On behalf of our school, we thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Kind regards, 
The Student Council 
Crestwood Community School