Hamilton rural high school students deserve mid-day busing

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Both the HWDSB and HWCDSB are refusing to bus rural high school students home after the morning in person learning sessions despite pleas from parents and students alike. 

As an example, a rural student at Waterdown District High School is expected to sit at a desk for 150 mins of class in the morning followed by 90 mins of lunch! After lunch (either in the same classroom at school or roaming about Waterdown) students are to report to either the cafeteria or gym with up to 100 other children to do their 3 other 50 min synchronous online classes!! That is a total of four extra hours at school AND four extra hours of exposure and safety risk for our students, their families and the staff at the school.

At this point, the HWDSB has no idea how many students will be in “study hall” nor do they have a plan for who will be supervising them. Local students can walk home after the morning sessions and surrounding boards like Halton are busing students home at mid-day as a safety measure. 

We acknowledge and support the "study hall" model for those students who need to be at school for family reasons, internet reasons, etc.  However, forcing our students to be a part of it by withholding busing is creating a greater risk for all.

Please sign our petition and spread the word so that we may get both the HWDSB and HWCDSB to offer some courtesy busing to all rural students who need it.