An ATV By-law to be created in Hamilton Township

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We, the recreational offroad citizens of Hamilton Township and of Northumberland County want to have an ATV By-law erected in the Township of Hamilton so we may travel in a safe and respectful manner on municipal roads without enforcment from the Ontario Provincial Police.

Currently there is no bylaw in Hamilton Twp in respect to off road vehicles. At this point, off road vehicles must follow the Highway Traffic Act and the Act stats that no off road vehicles will travel down any provincial or municipal roads until a bylaw is created in effect by the Township.

Northumberland ATV riders club has made countless presentations to the township only to be turned down every time. We are willing to compromise and assist in developing a new off-road vehicles bylaw within the Township. Currently all of Northumberland County has an ATV By-law except for Hamilton and Hope Township. The Northumberland ATV riders currently have trail wardens that help local enforcement patrol the trails and ensure safety across the approved townships. Expanding the patrol area and trails into Hamilton Township will provide opportunities for small business, gas stations, restaurants, small engine facility's and boost tourism.

Bottom line is, we live in Hamilton Township and we just want to enjoy and explore our Township. Please help us by signing the petition and show Hamilton Township how many citizens care for this bylaw to be made.

Please put a space and an HT at the end of your name if you reside in Hamilton Township. If not, please feel free to support us and sign the petition anyways. Thank you.