End the Herffopoly at Fishers High-school

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The Pitfalls with Herff

1. Waste of School Time
      -Smart Period is not sales pitch time...

2. Deceptive Marketing Techniques
      -The brochures and the sales pitch were presented in a manner that made it very difficult to determine what purchase was actually required to walk at graduation.

   -Base Package rental (if you found it) was $67.95 total from Herff Jones for Fishers 2017 graduates. More recently, the website has changed the total price to $78- which becomes $103 after May 1st for "rush shipping".

Students who did not purchase at least this package were not permitted to walk at graduation.

   Similar robe, cap and tassels can be purchased at roughly $20 per unit online.  (graduationsource, budgetgraduationcapsandgowns, capandgowndirect, amazon, etc…) This price sinks further with bulk orders.

4. And a touch of Misogyny…
     -In case the last three reasons weren't enough to look for a better graduation apparel option, FHS Seniors of 2017 recall some of the sexist remarks made during the mandatory sales pitch.

At the core, this goes beyond one individual, one company and one school. This cause is aimed at a single aspect of a much broader issue: the financial manipulation of high school students. 

Tigers deserve better, let the class of 2018 be the one to end the Herffopoly!

Channel 13 WTHR has aired a segment on the effort to end the Herffopoly and allow our peer to walk- you can find it here!

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