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A unique take on making, show your support for a Makers Workshop in the Abbotsford Convent

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A call out to all those who believe in the importance, power and need for “making” in our lives. The Abbotsford Convent is a unique place of learning, arts and crafts, wellbeing, history and landscape. I have made a submission to the Abbotsford Convent to open a small makers workshop which I call “Hard and Soft Makers Workshop”. It aims to provide a vibrant, active, welcoming and inspiring place where people of all ages will come to begin on their maker journey. It will provide a place in inner Melbourne for beginners and novices to find the maker within them, to (re) discover and share the joys of making and where intercultural and intergenerational classes are celebrated as a means of nurturing and inspiring relationships. The workshop will also explore how “making” is important to our lives other than just as a means of production.  Its philosophy is that making is a way of thinking and that if we look at making as a knowledge activity rather than a physical activity, we will realise its importance and potential to help us understand, express, transform and build the world around us.

I see events and festivals being held that ask the community to explore and celebrate the nature and meaningfulness of making.

I see families coming into the workshop to make something together…a dog kennel, a guitar, woven baskets, wooden utensils…mums and daughters woodworking, dads and sons knitting and weaving.

I see children coming into the workshop to have a go at woodworking…but this is no ordinary woodworking class…… they’ll learn about the land, about the Wurundjeri, they’ll go walking around to pick up sticks and will work in the workshop to make them into clapsticks to use at the end of the day in a performance.

I see children coming into the workshop to learn to knit….but this is no ordinary knitting class…..they will visit the farm next door to look and touch the sheep, they’ll come back to the workshop to try their hand at spinning (not easy…you try it!) and will learn to finger knit. Their finger knitting will be used to make a blanket to give away.

This distinctive type of makers workshop situated in the Abbotsford Convent will be uniquely placed to awaken and stimulate the maker within us, as individuals and as a community….this has been my inspiration and compelling force for wanting to open the Hard and Soft Makers Workshop at the Abbotsford Convent.

I would like to show the Convent that there is support and a need for this unique type of makers space and the Convent is the place for it. I need your help to do this.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION and I will deliver it to the Convent as evidence that there is a strong community who want to see a makers workshop that does more than just making….Hard and Soft Makers Workshop wants to be that workshop.


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