Justice for James Myron Mitchell and Consquences for the Deputies who violated his rights

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Two Hamilton County Sherriff's Office Deputies violated citizen James Mitchell's rights during a traffic stop Wednesday night in Soddy-Daisy. In addition to the officers punching and kicking Mitchell while he was handcuffed, they took off his pants and searched around his butt and genital area. This is a huge violation of the Sherriffs body cavity policy and a massive injustice of Mr. Mitchell. Although prosecutors plan to dismiss Mr. Mitchell's charges, these officers remain on paid administrative leave, and Sheriff Jim Hammonds is showing that he wont do anything to fix this problem. I believe it's time to send a message to Sherriff Jim Hammonds and other officers who violate our rights that this is unacceptable. Personally, I am tired of seeing this type of thing happen on an everyday basis and it's time something actually gets done about it. We want their badges and we want them to feel the consequences of their actions.

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Here's the link to the story, open a private browser to get past the pay wall. Trigger warning: This is a graphic video.