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My husband and I purchased property in Hurricane Creek subdivision last year and are close to completion of our new build. We were notified by our county commissioner, Sabrena Smedley, that Verizon Wireless plans to build a 150 ft. tower on the property adjacent to ours. The tower will sit exactly 150 from our property line and only 250 ft. from the back door of our home. 

Verizon Wireless has yet to provide any substantive evidence that there are absolutely NO other qualifying locations to place the tower within their "needed" service area, rationalizing why they would place it less than 300 ft. from a residential home. 

If approved, this would be the first (opposed) tower approved by the commission to place a tower so close to a neighborhood/residential home. If allowed to install, this sets a dangerous precedence of how close these towers can be to homes, schools, etc. as the race for 5G continues.

*Cell towers are usually placed in commercial zones or on rural property (not near homes).

*It is proven that home owners living near cell phone towers experience a decrease in property value. 

*Some research suggests there is a link between health issues and cell phone tower proximity (cancer, headaches, memory loss).