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Hamilton County Attorney Webster City iowa: bring charges against the woman who allegedly molested our son

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Children deserve Justice and their voice deserves to be heard!

My husband and I had long questioned the reasons behind some very odd behavior in our then 2 yr old son. Our questions we did get answered and in turn our world turned upside down with a parents worst nightmare.

As long back as our son could talk he told us "grandma plays with my peepee" we always wrote this off as her changing his diaper and completely innocent act as anyone would want to presume with a grandparent but one day when we questioned him on where the term"pecker" came from in his vocabulary he gave us a very descriptive, detailed and specific answer. Over the next week horrific stories poured from our 3 yr old sons mouth as to what his "grandma" did to him and coerced him into doing to her through making sexual acts into a fun game for him and he even told us about the bribe he was given so he wouldnt tell mommy and daddy.

A search warrant was issued and multiple items are still, nearly 6 months later, sitting at the crime lab. We have been told by DHS that they do believe these acts happened as a 3 yr old has no way to lie about sexual acts. Our hold up is that we are being told that if no photos show up on electronics, while they feel this happened, the county attorneys office doesnt feel they can charge with just the word of a 3 yr old. Heres my question, so if a 15 yr old who has the ability to lie over sexual acts said they were raped or molested would they be told they need pictures to prove it or would charges be filed? My son has no way to lie about these very specific acts and his voice deserves to be heard!

Mom and Dad are begging everyone to sign this petition and ask the county attorney to consider all the facts, listen to the multiple witnesses and then bring charges against this woman and lets see how a jury feels! If she gets away with this then anyone is able to brutally and repeatedly molest a innocent toddler and as long as they dont have pictures of the act get away with it!  

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