Stop the discrimination against over-crowded houses by the HCC kerbside collection policy.

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In 2020 the Hamilton City Council (HCC) implemented their new kerbside collection program (1).

Their goal is clear - reduce waste, encourage recycling, reduce the carbon footprint of each home in Hamilton. And their new bin system to achieve this works - at least, for most of us.

However, there is a group of people the system doesn't work for. People in crowded houses and other populous living situations. Often, these are already disadvantaged and marginalized groups, for example: Immigrants, Pacific Islanders, Maori and the elderly (2,3).

1 in 9 people live in a crowded household in NZ, if we looked at Maori only this increases up to 1 in 5, and pacific peoples are 4 in 10 (3).

"Crowding, especially severe crowding, is linked with poorer health, higher rates of infectious diseases, and poorer educational outcomes for children" senior analyst Dr Rosemary Goodyear said. (2)

The HCC are inadvertently discriminating against these groups.

The red bin (waste) which is collected every fortnight is not large enough to support a larger household.

The HCC's response to this is to use the refuse center. It is $20 to dump up to a car load (4). This requires time, money, and a method of transport. Is that really what already marginalized groups should be expected to do? This is just another example of the high cost of being poor (5).

Sign this petition, and give crowded households the option to apply for a second red bin.

End the discrimination. Stop the extra cost of being poor.





(5) The high cost of being poor. (


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