Save the Rhododendron Lawn

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The current proposal to develop Hamilton Gardens includes turning the beautiful Rhododendron Lawn into a carpark. Under the proposal this amazing green space that's been used for performances, markets, events and relaxation will be transformed into a concrete jungle. Undoubtedly, this will mean some of the lovely trees and plant life will be destroyed.

The alternatives for large events have been outlined as being the Governor's Green and a new amphitheatre, both of which present issues as far as performance goes; neither of which have the peace and tranquility of the Rhododendron Lawn. 

There's a great line in the Joni Mitchell song, Big Yellow Taxi - "they paved paradise and put a parking lot." It's amazing that this could come true right here in Hamilton. Once it's gone, we can never get it back. The public consultation process managed to attract nearly 200 submissions, but it appears many interested parties didn't know about the proposal and didn't have a say.

This resulted in our council voting to hold off on making a final decision until the new council sits in November. 

From here, the job is to keep building support and make sure when council sits in November that they know where the community sits on this. Your support is welcome and appreciated.