Bus Depo Security Guard

Bus Depo Security Guard

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Hamilton Bus Depo and Hamilton City CentralPolice

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Started by Teresa Reti

I believe I speak for many especially parents, regarding safety for all at the Hamilton City Central Bus Depo. Too many occasions to many stories of people young and old being abused, robbed, attacked and beaten whilst waiting for there bus or parents to arrive and return them home safely. These are daily occurrences. Cctv footage and police seem to have little to no effect on incidences made from that depo. Police claim many of the offenders are minors and cannot be charged. This is not good enough!! We should all be able to come and go through the depo without the high possibility of being attacked, beaten or robbed!!. 

We parents should be able to have piece of mind when our children friends and family are using the city depo to go to and from, without these "HoodRats" attacking them for there money or phones. Threatening there lives with knives etc. I hear the stories, i read them in our community Facebook group's constantly. I to don't want my daughter attending Hamilton Girls High due to this fear

This has to stop!! 

Hamilton City Bus DEPO needs to take more measures and work with police to place 'Security Guards at the depo during running hours! 

Hamilton Bus Depo Security NOW!!! 


Please Sign!! The Bus Depo should be a safe place for all. 


9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!