Halton School District Board: * Stop the recommendation to turn French Immersion into a lottery system. * Stop the recommendation to put a cap on French Immersion enrolment

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The Right To Choose:

The Families of Halton are petitioning our right to choose French Immersion as an option for our children’s education. 

We are adamantly against the recommendations of :

1. Putting a cap on FI
2. Leaving our children’s education to a lottery system
3. Requiring an admissions test at Grade 1 level
4. Delaying entry point for french immersion to grade 3. 

We recommend the Halton School District Board looks at other options to meet the challenges with Dual Track schools without impacting our children’s choice and access to education options.

We understand the concern of low enrolment in dual track schools and understand concerns about bussing children out of their neighbourhoods- we do that every day. We do it because we believe in French Immersion and the benefits of a second language to our children’s education, development and their future.

We assert our right to choose our children’s education. Whether it is English Track or French Immersion, we all have the right to choose. Education should not be a lottery system. The fact that there exists increased interest in French Immersion speaks to it’s success. 


The issue of French Immersion and how it is being delivered in Halton has been raised at the Board Level.  The feeling is that "neighbourhood/community schools" are losing students to French Immersion single track schools and therefore the program delivery for English is at risk. 

There is now a proposal on the table at the Halton School District Board to reconsider French Immersion program delivery.  They are considering some very drastic changes including: 

  • capping to limit parent choice in schools offering both French Immersion and core French options; (it was suggested that there be a 50% maximum with a lottery of some sort  )
  • eliminating French immersion centres where FI catchments were larger than catchments for the neighbourhood kids – all schools would be dual track;
  • adopting an alternative Immersion French model, which delays entry to Grade 3 with a French:English ratio similar to the recently adopted New Brunswick model;
  • relying on screening or formal testing to predetermine which kids would succeed in learning in two languages.  

There is a School Board Meeting this Wednesday Nov 20 th at 7:00 pm.  

Please sign the petition for your Right To Choose and help spread the word by involving your neighbours, families and friends before the meeting date and let our voices be heard and our right to choose be asserted.

The impact of the decision affects all of us.

Thank you.

This petition is being driven by concerned parents across the Halton Region.

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