Speed Bumps - Barber Drive Park

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I am continuing my deceased Fathers cause that seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Barber Drive Park is a busy park, in-particularly in the Spring / Summer / Fall seasons. Soccer League games are often scheduled, and Dog-walkers are also affected and are daily put in harms way of being hurt or even killed by vehicles that continuously disobey the speed limit, and even ignore the Neighbourhood Culture the residents have tried to embrace. Additionally, it is also on the School Bus Route, exposing more danger to Children and their parents.

Barber Drive is often used as a short-cut between Mountainview Drive and Argyll Drive, and with occasional Police presence, the matter has not been effectively addressed. Residents on Barber Drive are continuously being tail-gated and sped upon merely just turning into, or out of their own driveways.

I am a Helicopter Pilot for the Ornge Air Ambulance, and I unfortunately see accidents like this on a Daily basis...saddened mostly by the fact that most incidents like this are preventable. Unfortunately, my experience and exposure has taught me that it is but only a matter of time before someone is hurt or killed. It is time to ensure no such thing happens in this great neighbourhood of ours.

Eaton Drive was subject to a pilot project, whereby temporary speed bumps were installed, and subsequently removed during the winter months. The project was obviously a success as permanent speed bumps have now been constructed.

I am making a plea to the Town of Halton Hills and residents of Barber Drive and surrounding streets to recognize the importance of safeguarding our children and residents, before tragedy strikes. It is unfortunately only a matter of time. 

Please take just a minute of your time to consider. This is a great town to live in, and we should care for the good people that live here. $afety should be a top priority, and I for one will be tragically saddened should I ever be called to attend an incident where one of our own children or adult has been unnecessarily harmed.

Please join me in Unity in this small step to make our beautiful suburb safer.

Best Regards

Gary Mc Mahon