To close Kilbride P.S. when busses are cancelled.

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While living in rural Burlington we are faced with weather and road conditions the rest of the City doesn’t face.  Narrower roads, hills and winding roads not to mention open fields with dangerous blowing snow which can create white out conditions. 

As parents we have the option to “choose” to keep our children home for their safety. Due to the road conditions often over half the school chooses to keep their kids home thus creating minimal attendance where a lesson can’t be taught and often combine classes together.

Currently when the buses are cancelled the board keeps the schools open thus making our teachers having to travel on the treacherous roads which those of us who live here often won’t travel on. 

As parents we feel that the Halton District School Board has a responsibility to the teachers of our school (and board) to ensure their safety. Especially considering at least half to school will not be in attendance. 

With being a predominantly bus driven attendance school it impacts both parents who risk driving their kids to school and our teachers which we respect and want to see safe. 

As parents of Kilbride P.S. we request the board revisit their cancellation policy and amend their closing procedures to that of two years ago for the safety of everyone. 

Buses cancelled, school cancelled. There should be no other option for our rural community. 

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