Grant a further 18 months reprieve to the 'pensioners hut' situated on West Bank Promenade, Consider the Culture and Heritage of Halton in any future plans for regeneration.

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The Borough of Halton includes the towns of Runcorn, Widnes and outlying parishes. Situated on the banks of the River Mersey is a conservation area known as West Bank Promenade.  

Within this conservation area is a small, pier like, unlisted hut that is treasured by residents and seen as part of their history.  Although known locally as the 'pensioners hut' or 'blue hut', it is in fact a unique structure in a unique location.  In days long gone this hut was used as a place where the menfolk would play bowls, dominos and generally set the world to right.  A place where they could have a brief respite from the burdens associated with living and working in an industrial town. Until a few years ago it was used by pensioners as a meeting place, somewhere to play bingo and catch up with friends, a place that combated loneliness.

This hut is now earmarked for demolition.  The past few years have seen it unused, leading to disrepair.  However there has been recent interest in the hut by several individuals with ideas to use it for a new and younger generation.  These ideas include using it for youth groups, a place where ex armed forces can integrate back into civilian life or as a small museum celebrating the history of the area.  

Although a 6 month reprieve had been granted by the council, during which time one promising but unsuccessful bid was put in, this reprieve has now expired.  It is now felt that time is needed to bring all these new ideas together, to formulate a clear and sustainable plan. Time to investigate and bid for funding, thereby eventually easing the burden on the council.  Therefore we are asking Halton Borough Council to extend this reprieve for a further 18 months, to enable these plans to be brought together, bid for funding and all other associated issues. 

Halton, like many councils up and down Great Britain, are facing hard times, with austerity placing burdens on finances.  One way Halton Borough Council is dealing with these added burdens is to attract new, and welcomed, investment.  However: with this new investment comes the danger of losing our heritage, with many loved and established buildings being demolished, leading to sterile and characterless high streets and communities.  We further ask that Halton Borough Council consider and celebrate our heritage and history before embarking on future developments.   Our forebearers left us with a history and heritage to be proud of, a heritage that gives each community its unique character.  We wish to pass that heritage onto the next generation and generations to come.  We do not want future generations to see their heritage as multi-national supermarkets or discount stores.  We want them to have a heritage to be proud of.

Without history and heritage there is no future, without history how do we avoid past mistakes? Without history how do we learn of the sacrifices made by our forebearers?  History is the cornerstone for ambition and future of our young. Many loved and historic buildings are destroyed during times of bread and water, only to be regretted during times of milk and honey.  

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