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Animals at the Calgary stampede are submitted to additional trauma every day due to elaborate fireworks displays. These animals are already stressed and to allow them to be further traumatized by the fireworks is cruel and unnecessary. We can not allow this to continue.


Letter to
Mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi
City of Calgary Patricia Cameron
City Council Andre Chabot
and 20 others
City Council Dale Hodges
City Council Gord Lowe
City Council Bob Hawkesworth
City Council Jim Stevenson
City Council Ray Jones
City Council Joe Connelly
City Council Druh Farrell
City of Calgary Linda Then
Calgary Tourism Roxanne Wideen
Calgary Stampede Ann Pyne
Councillor Diane Colley
President & Chairman of the Board, Calgary Stampede Bob Thompson
Vice Chairman Bill Gray
President, Canadian Professional Rodea Association Murry Milan
Director Brian Hussey
Director Dana Peers
Director Maggie Schofield
Director Bob Taylor
Director Glenn Street
City Council Ric McIver
We are pleading that you stop the use of fireworks displays, which happen each day from the opening parade until closing. There is no justifiable reason the animals performing at the stampede, should be further traumatized by fireworks.

Despite the injuries and deaths which happen each year at the Calgary Stampede, it remains a popular destination for some to the consternation of many. Be that as it is, the responsibility falls on you to be vigilant with the welfare of these animals. You need to display more compassion by alleviating their suffering.

So far in 2013, before the stampede even started, there were injuries when a horse, spooked by the fireworks, reared up and flipped over onto its rider. Why are you allowing this to happen when it is so easily prevented?

Fireworks are unnecessary. They are known to have a negative effect on animals and it is unfathomable that you allow this to continue. Not only are fireworks proving to be a hazard for animals but the smoke and ash that rain down from fireworks contain toxic chemicals, including heavy metals such as barium, cadmium, lithium and lead; potassium nitrate; sulfur-coal compounds and sometimes even arsenic. Scientists are warning that fireworks can contribute to acid rain. It’s time for Calgary needs to evolve and show more respect for animals and the planet.

Laser light shows can be impressive, exciting, safer and would make a perfect alternative . Other options to consider are Sound and Light shows.

We ask that you use alternatives for the remainder of the 2013 stampede, which will not cause the trauma and do away entirely with fireworks in the future.

Stampede visitors do not need to be entertained by something which takes such a toll on animals. The world is watching and waiting for Calgary to do the right thing.