Halt the Strawberry How new builds: Enough is Enough

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Storey Homes are planning to build 224 new homes at Strawberry How on Slate Fell very soon- together with the 96 homes they have just built there.

(In addition to this petition you can register your objection with Allerdale Borough Council at https://bit.ly/2JnhEwi )

Unsustainable growth

The size of the town of Cockermouth, Cumbria is currently increasing at a rapid rate: too rapidly to supply the people of the town with adequate services (such as already overstretched doctors, medical facilities, and schools) and for already congested transport routes to cope, creating longer commuter queues and increasingly heavy traffic.

The largest new build yet

Building 320 homes at Strawberry How is reputed to be the town’s largest ever housing construction project, increasing the town by 13%. Together with the other recent new-build estates at the Fitz and Sullart St, Strawberry How will enlarge the town by 30% - but the capacity of local infrastructure and services will stay the same.

Impacting wildlife

The large stream, Tom Rudd Beck runs right through the planned construction site and is home to wildlife protected by law: the noise, disturbance and new water flows running off the large site during building work and afterwards will undoubtedly increase the damage already caused to the local wildlife- including otters, herons and owls. Some are rare and shy animals that will leave and not return- they need protection and left undisturbed to survive.

Unpredictable flooding

The beck also floods in peak rain periods every year, and moves its course, too: new housing on flood meadows and by rivers opens the town to yet more serious flood risks: it's not clear how much worse this will become if this area is built over.

This major construction of new-builds is outstripping the town’s ability to cope, increasing flood-risk housing and harming wildlife of the area. It needs to be halted. For Cockermouth, enough is enough.

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