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Halt the Construction of Primate Prison in Puerto Rico



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If granted permission by the U.S. government, Bioculture Puerto Rico, Inc. will confine more than 4,000 monkeys, force them to breed, and sell their offspring to U.S. and foreign laboratories, where they will be imprisoned, poisoned, mutilated, and killed in experiments. Please sign below to register your opposition to this condemnable project. Thank you!

Letter to
Sen. Margarita Nolasco
Sen. Roberto Arango
Senate President Tomas Rivera-Schatz
I write in support of R.S. 1514, which would urge U.S. government agencies to permanently deny Bioculture Puerto Rico permission to import and breed monkeys at a compound in Guayama.

I am deeply concerned for the more than 4,000 monkeys who would be imprisoned at this facility. To Bioculture, these sentient, sapient beings represent mere merchandise to be exploited for profit. They will be kidnapped from their native habitats, forced to breed, and sold to vivisectors who will destroy their health and lives for the purpose of "research."

Bioculture Puerto Rico has already exhibited an appalling disregard for Puerto Rico's laws and regulations. I respectfully urge you to support R.S. 1514 and help put a halt to this corrupt company's heartless agenda.

Thank you sincerely,

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