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Halt the Construction of Nuclear Reactors in the U.S.


The nuclear crisis in Japan is not an isolated event.

We recently marked the 25th anniversary of the world's worst nuclear disaster --  Chernobyl. Now, Fukushima has joined Chernobyl by receiving a Level 7, the highest rating on the international scale, and officials say radiation from Japan's Fukushima reactors could "eventually exceed the levels at Chernobyl.”

Unfortunately, this could make Japan’s nuclear disaster the worst in history, and it is not yet resolved.

Japan's crisis is a heartbreaking reminder of the dangers inherent to this industry.

With radioactive contaminants turning up in more places around the globe and with workers still trying to bring the reactors at Fukushima under control, it is becoming more and more apparent that no reactor -- new or old -- is ever truly safe.

Take action today. Tell your representatives it is time to move away from nuclear power and the first step is a moratorium on new construction.

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U.S. House of Representatives
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I am writing today to urge you, as my representative, to immediately halt construction of new nuclear reactors and ultimately phase out nuclear power in the United States. As the nuclear crisis worsens in Japan, the dangers inherent to this industry are more and more apparent.

There have been many accidents and near-misses in this country and it is imperative that we learn from the horrific events in Japan. Millions of Americans live within 19 miles of a nuclear plant in the United States – the same as the current exclusion zone in Japan.

Reactors cannot be built without billions in taxpayer-funded bailouts because even Wall Street sees the risks as too high.

I ask you to halt construction and licensing of dangerous reactors, to end nuclear industry bailouts, and to phase out aging reactors like those on the brink of meltdown in Japan as quickly and safely as possible.

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