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Save Allie's life - her family needs their furbaby

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Allie is our sweet 2 year, 40 pound old American Pit Bull Terrier mix girl who was brought into our lives and has helped fill a hole in our hearts after we have lost 3 really close family members in just 5 years. Allie has never shown any aggression with people or any other animals and is such an amazing and good dog. In fact, Allie helped saved my sister-in-law's life who was having difficulty breathing in her sleep by waking up my daughter, Daniella, who called 911.

On February 27, 2017 Allie's brother, Dexter, was in the front yard with the neighbor's dog, Lady, when he barked at Lady, Allie heard it and jumped the fence to save her brother who she thought was in trouble. Daniella tried to separate the dogs but wasn’t able to, and I ran outside as soon as I heard the screaming. Lady’s owner, Sandy, came to break up the fight and Allie bit her in the midst of everything. None of us could ever imagine any of this happening, and we are extremely sorry for this incident and for Lady and Sandy getting hurt. Allie is up-to-date on all her shots, including rabies, and my insurance is paying 100% of vet and hospital bills for Lady and Sandy for their medical care.

 Furthermore, we will do anything we can to make everyone feel safe. We will put up privacy fence, take Allie to professional training, always walk her out on her, and take all precautions we can to make sure you will never have to see her. We are asking you from the bottom of our hearts to please consider how much she means to our family, and is truly our other child, and not to euthanize her. She completes us and we would be so devastated to lose her. We are so sorry about the incident that occurred and we hope you can give Allie second chance.


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