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Put Frasier back on Hallmark Channel at Night!!!!

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EVERY YEAR The Hallmark Channel interrupts our euphoric block of the greatest television show the universe has ever seen, 'Frasier' to bring '30 days' of original christmas movies.  We humbly request the demigods of The Hallmark Channel who hold our mental health and well beings, as well as our sleep routines in their hands, like a tiny, injured bird, for the love of all things holy, PLEASE stop playing your 'original' Christmas specials (not everyone celebrates christmas ya know) and put Frasier back on!  Hell, you can get rid of ALL your other programming and just run Frasier 24/7 and you will no doubt become the MOST WATCHED channel on TV (Home Improvement and Golden Girls are pretty great too... let's be honest, it's the ONLY thing any of us watch on your channel anyhow).  You will also save yourself the loss of ratings and income so many of us contribute to you in the form of advertising dollars as we put on Hallmark Channel and fall asleep to the soft, soothing sounds of Dr Frasier Crane and his hilarious, self inflicted tragedies, comedic styling, and buffoonery.  It would be quite a boon to your network indeed...   we're listening.

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