Mother Standing Up For Her Son Falsely Arrested ! Cirea Oliver

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On Dec 16th Cirea Oliver was arrested for a Facebook live she did crying for help . Her son Nysean Young was repeatedly bullied over and over and over to the point he wanted to take his own life . Ny’sean wrote a suicide letter- stated he has depression & anxiety & the weight of the world is on his shoulders.  Cirea never directly threatened the school , teachers , nor students - she never stated a name . Hall county embarrassed this young mother , Assassinated her character , & painted her to be this horrible monster . Ny’sean now has to be home school & has to go to therapy for physiological help due to being bullied. While incarcerated they have stated they can not do anything for her crohns diease, refused her medication, changing her bandaged on an open wound , & barely feeding her . She has lost her finance while incarcerated, her kids mental are extremely low & maybe will loose her career if things do not turn around soon . They have lied about her charges , illegally transported cirea , denied bond, reset court dates but it WILL NOT STOP THE CIVIL CASE BEING BUILT FOR ALL INVOLVED . Cobb county is starting cirea violated her probation & she did not . She filled out every paper work , notified them of surgeries & it seems they are just lying on paper to cover their tracks . Please sign this petition to help bring Cirea Home .