Change Prince Andrew to Evan Sutherland memorial

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I’ve been seeing lately that they are trying to change the the name of Prince Andrew high school. I’ve created this petition because I strongly feel the best idea would be to rename the school after one of the most strong, fearless ,leading, caring and happiest souls to walk through the doors which would be Evan Sutherland. Evan was truly one a of kind I feel he would be the best description of what it would mean to be a PA panther. I strongly believe every person that got to meet or even hear about  Evan was a touched in a positive way. To add Evan is also local legend with not a single bad opinion towards him.

Sadly we have lost Evan within recent time due to cancer and despite that Evan showed to school everyday he could of course And still be smiling. If we rename this school after him every student will be reminded daily to be strong and to not let any thing take you away from your self. 

LLS ❤️