Pot police should be paid from pot profit, not by Haligonian homeowners.

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The recent recommendation to raise property tax nearly 2% in Halifax is unfounded & unfair to homeowners. If pot police are required, they should be payrolled through pot tax, not property tax.

As a result of the upcoming legalization of marijuana, Nova Scotia is expecting to make $20M on cannabis sales ( and that is just the start ), the Halifax Regional Police claim they will need to hire six more police ( because many of the things they used to investigate, arrest, prosecute, & otherwise spend their time & resources on will no longer be illegal? ), and the Halifax Regional Council apparently thinks it’s appropriate for Halifax homeowners to flip the bill for the six additional police that HRP wants ( and you know these won’t be temporary positions to help them get over the learning curve; once they’re hired we’ll be paying their increasing salaries indefinitely; and policing is already the single largest item on our municipal tax bill ).

Shouldn’t this newly-taxable industry, bustling with wealthy investors with high hopes for huge profits, be paying for any extra public services that will be required because of it? Isn’t that one of the main reasons we tax things in the first place; to cover the negative externalities that the public would otherwise have to bear? ...so struggling Haligonian families aren’t put on the hook to pay increasing bills for an increasingly-wealthy industry?

Please sign & share this petition if you think it’s extremely unfair to place the burden of policing the legalized marijuana landscape on struggling Haligonian homeowners; and that any increasing public costs should be covered by taxes on the expectedly-lucrative industry.