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Owner Needs To Be Charged for Dogs Death

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Nick Jones, owner of "Slick", a hunting dog who was recently euthanized due to having canine distemper has yet to be charged for the neglect and abuse that led to this death.

I tried to help the dog after he almost got hit while wandering the middle of a main hwy. I tried calling animal control and the owner himself, neither answered. The dog, ribs showing, scrapes on his face, was very lethargic and could barely even walk. Looking into his eyes, you could tell he had no life in him and his soul was lost.

"Slick", as the owner later called him, had on a tracking collar that most hunters use on their dogs. I tried to help this sweet baby. I ended up with him in my car and notified the owner via social media that he would be taken to animal control. Before the owner ever seen the post on fb, he tracked the dog by his collar. Before confrontation between 5 men and myself, I waa on the phone with local law enforcement. I followed all protocol by law. Animal control ended up taking the dog, stating he was very emaciated. Later that same day, Halifax County Animal Control returned the dog to his owner. 

Upon finding this out, I called animal control to verify and then told the officer that was wrong and that I would be reporting this incident to the highest level of authority. I did. 

The animal control officer, obviously mad because of this, had charges placed on me for felony grand larceny of the collar and also petty larceny of the dog. Neither of which I intended to keep, as I am the one who contacted our local law. 

During advisement, the charges were dropped, as, according to our law, I did nothing illegal. 

The owner has yet to be charged with neglect or abuse. He ran this dog, used him to hunt, never had the dog vaccinated, no rabies shot records could be found either. 

Nick Jones NEEDS to be held accountable. He has continued hunting with his other "hunting dogs" since all of this happened. 

Please sign this petition. He has broken the law and is getting away with it. This isn't okay. It cannot be swept under a rug. He has to pay for his crimes!!!!!

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