Support Urban Farming In Halifax Regional Municipality

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Major cities across Canada are encouraging and embracing the global movement of urban farming because they recognize urban farming provides many benefits, such as greening the city, improving biodiversity, making use of under-utilized spaces, strengthening food insecurity, improving population health, enhancing the local food economy by creating green jobs, building skills, shortening food supply chains and reducing our carbon footprint.

The idea a homeowner in HRM has to be agriculturally zoned to sell produce grown on their property OFFSITE across HRM is absurd. Agriculture zoning exists to protect residential areas from the negative impacts associated with INDUSTRIAL FARMING LEVELS. In no way shape or form does this zoning represent or reflect the scale of residential urban market gardening and its movement supported in many cities across Canada and the world.

Our combined growing space for our farm is 0.5 acres(1/10th of our property), we strictly adhere to holistic and organic growing principals and do not apply herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Attempting to regulate this scale of horticulture under agricultural zoning is irrelevant.

HRM’s antiquated bylaws and current policy restrict and infringe on the fundamental human rights of its citizens to choose how, where and who they source their sustenance from is an overreach of this municipal government.

It is time HRM Council adopts and implements new REGULATED policy that allows for urban FRUIT/VEGETABLE farming and the sale of such produce across the entire municipality of Halifax.

There is no better time than now! Let’s make a difference and tell city hall that we as citizens will NOT stand for this!