Fare-Free Halifax Transit on Election Day

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For many residents of Halifax, public transit is the only reasonable way to make it to the polls, and we believe the city should do everything in its power to eliminate barriers to increase and encourage the participation of voters.

As most of you know, fares for Halifax Transit just recently increased. These fares make taking Halifax Transit prohibitively expensive for many in our communities, especially those still acclimating to the adjustments. A large portion of Halifax Transit commuters come from underprivileged and marginalized communities and already rely on the Halifax Transit system daily, so polling station stops will be an additional charge on top of their usual routes.

Moreover, given the recent strides Halifax has made towards increasing sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, this is a good opportunity to promote the bus as a more co2 friendly option and increase ridership while simultaneously advocating for democratic participation.

These fares should be waived on Election Day to provide everyone in Halifax with the opportunity to vote.

We've sent a similar note to Mayor Mike Savage and Halifax City Council, and encourage you to join us in our call to make Halifax Transit fare-free for the 2019 Federal Election on October 21st.