Call to protect Conrose Park

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We, the undersigned, request that the concerns listed below be taken into serious consideration re the proposed idea of putting a road through from Conrose Avenue and Waegwoltic Avenue be abandoned.  Our reasons are listed below:

  1. It will run in close proximity to a playing field where there are many children and youths. This area is already heavily congested with vehicles with games by children and youths at the Conrose field every afternoon and evening. As it is now the area is very congested with vehicles having no place to park.  There is no curb along the playing field.  Along with all the vehicles taking parking spaces along these streets, families going to the Waegwoltic Club along with Dalhousie University Students use both sides of all these streets for daytime parking and evening parking, plus the ball field on Conrose Ave.  These streets are truly congested day until dark.  The drivers and passengers from these vehicles walk the path to the Waegwoltic Club and Dalhousie University due to the lack of parking spaces at both places.

    Large trucks and other large vehicles would have a hard time getting through Beech and Cambridge St. due to parking on both sides of street.  Cars meeting cannot pass on these streets because there is not enough room due to the parked cars on both sides of street.

    The addition of all this traffic from noisy trucks, cranes, the pollution from these vehicles, noise pollution on these streets, along with  the extra congestion would cause would constitute a danger for the children on this road, plus the added congestion on Geldert St., Beech St, Cambridge, and Waegwoltic Avenue
  2. This work would be done during the avian nesting season.  The trees and bushes along with this action will destroy many trees used by our avians to nest as many healthy trees will have to be cut down.  The birds also nest in the scrappy looking bushes along the path.  The Nova Scotia Bird Society frequently use the path area scanning the trees and bushes for birds.  Because of this undisturbed area Nova Scotia became number one for the most species of birds.  Due to the fact that 2 cardinals were found on this path in the trees, Nova scotia also became number one with the most cardinals recorded.  If we lose the healthy trees and bushes, we lose the birds.
  3. Healthy trees which most are along the path trail take in carbon dioxide emissions and with the help of the sun (photosynthesis) the trees convert this deadly gas into oxygen allowing us all to breathe.
  4. There is a line of healthy trees on the right hand side of this pathway going from Conrose  Avenue to Coburg Road and it is the well established roots of these hardy trees that are holding up the bank along that pathway.  It is mentioned that this pathway will be restored to its natural state.  How will 80-100 year old trees be restored to their natural state if cut down or damaged?
  5. Deer use this path, right now there are five; a buck, two yearlings and two does that use this path to enter a residence at the end of Waegwoltic St. where there are lots of firs and eatable bushes for them to eat.
  6. The residence beside where this road will be constructed is classed as a National Wildlife Yard Sanctuary and it would       destroy many habitats for animals that rely on it.
  7. It does not seem feasible to spend all the money it would take      to put in this road and a concrete barrier separating this road and the path. When there is only one private dwelling on the road coming through Thorndale Ave. For two weeks, the time frame listed, it may be feasible to pay this private driveway owner, a reasonable fee to use their driveway for two weeks.  It would be so much cheaper for the City.  This road was also a city road going through the area and I have to ask how someone could buy a small part of an already built road and close it off to the public?  Yes I would like an answer to this!
  8. The driveway at the corner of Conrose and Waegwoltic Avenue is only approximately 12 feet from the path.  It would make it very difficult for the residents to get in and out of their driveway with the congestion of this extra traffic, as the driveway at the end entering the road is at an angle which would require the driver to back out into this added traffic.
  9. If large trucks with equipment on them drive through this proposed one lane road and the many families who push their carriages through the walking path, usually with several other small children, this could present a danger to the path walkers.

    Children love to jump up and over concrete barriers while the parents are trying to watch all their children.  The noise from these large vehicles constitutes noise pollution to both those using the path, and to the residents in the area. Also, equipment frequently falls off these trucks which are higher than the barrier.  It is dangerous.

We implore the city to try to rent the private driveway for a reasonable fee on Webster St. which would save the City much money and not destroy a pristine part of a city park.

Thank you for listening and hope this will explain some of the area concerns re this proposed temporary road.  


Etta M. Parker

Phone: 902 423-0816