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Remove the upcoming school dress code for Half Hollow Hills High School East

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With the upcoming school year approaching with a "new" principal, many students are dreading the possibility of a stricter dress code. Previous years at high school east consisted of a very lenient dress code, and students wore more weather appropriate clothes on the unbearably hot days in the un-airconditioned classrooms. And there weren't any problems with it. Everyone just went on with their day because no one cares about what you wear. And despite popular belief, no boy gets distracted by a girl's shoulders or bra strap. Actually, overheating and losing concentration from the unrelenting heat is 10 times more distracting than a bra strap. And if a dress code is implemented, then people will have to "cover up" and get even hotter and more exhausted than before, which will negatively affect productivity in classrooms. Finally, adding a dress code will simply be a nuisance because it will do nothing but restrain our freedom of expression and worsen the school environment, as it'll cause unnecessary tension between students and faculty that are reprimanding children for wearing what they want. We are not middle schoolers. We are older and we are reaching the point in our lives where we are discovering who we really are. We are finally able to express who we really are through means such as clothing and that should not be taken away from us! Students shouldn't have to conform to the education system more than they already do.

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