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Save the Children

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Today's drug use is far more sinister than ever before. Sadly there are so many children who cannot escape the horrors and pain of being born addicted. Neonatal abstinence syndrome has risen a staggering 2500% in Kentucky alone. NAS is the condition caused by exposure to narcotics during pregnancy. Symptoms include constant high-pitched crying, vomiting, diarrhea, low-grade fever, seizures and tremors. Premature babies with the syndrome may experience respiratory distress and are put on ventilators. It's far more heartbreaking in real life then anything you could read or watch. To actually hold these small babies and feel their pain is soul wrenching. I had to watch my sister administer Morphine to a baby who was addicted. She was there from the time he was born, placed in an incubator for weeks she bonded with this baby. She has NEVER to this day left his side. These children are placed with Grandparents, foster care programs, Aunts, siblings, sometimes for weeks, months or years. The long term effects are devastating, mentally, physically and far more worse, emotionally. 

The  Family Court Judges are allowing these parents to re enter their lives with no long term treatment. Some are placed in short term programs that do not work or none at all. To have a chance to become drug free, there needs to be a law placed that states, no parent shall receive unsupervised visits, weekend visits, custody or otherwise, unless the parents agree to a long term treatment facility for dual diagnosis, followed by parenting classes, being able to hold a job for more than one yr and counseling on all levels to help reintroduce the children and the parents. Unfortunately, Most are placed in jail where we all know that drugs are available there as well. 

Our children are our future, our hope. Don't let these innocent children become victims of another gereration of drug addicted citizens. We need to all pull together for these children who do not have a voice! Please help support this cause. Precious lives are at stake.

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