Pardon/clemency for Lee Anthony Braggs(25486-056)

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To Whom it may Concern,

My name is Lee Anthony Braggs #25486-056 and I'm currently an inmate at USP Lee Satellite Camp in Virginia. The purpose of my letter is to ask for your assistance in referring my name to the President of the United States for clemency consideration. Recently President Trump asked all NFL players to refer federal inmates to him for the possibility of clemency/pardon. I'm reaching out to you to ask if you might be able to help me with this matter.

In 2007 I was indicted, arrested and eventually sentenced to 254 months in Federal Prison for a drug conspiracy charge. I originally agreed to a plea agreement of 10 years but as I was awaiting sentencing the government added additional charges to me concerning Ghost Dope. This is drugs they don't actually have proof of but have a person saying they got the drugs from me and in return these people received reduced sentences for their cooperation.

Prison has been the most humbling experience of my life. I have worked really hard to change my life and have been a model inmate during my 11 year prison sentence. I have taken a countless number of continuing education classes and have always spent my time trying to better myself. I want nothing more than to repay my debt to society and become a law abiding, tax paying citizen again. I know I have more to offer society than I can achieve from being in prison.

My goals are to have a successful reentry back to society, to rebuild my relationships with my family and community. I currently have two younger kids who are now 12 and 13 and a soon too be wife that need their father and husband at home. Again, I'm asking for nothing more than a referral to President Trump since he’s asking nfl players for a candidate to consider to look at my case for clemency. Thank you for your consideration and taking the time to read my letter. I've made mistakes in the past, but now I'm asking for a second chance at life.

Thank you,

Lee Anthony Braggs