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Please stop using Palm Oil in Linda McCartney products.

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It is with great sadness that I have recently discovered as a consumer the use of Palm Oil as an ingredient in many items in the Linda McCartney range of vegetarian and vegan foods. As you are aware Palm Oil production encourages deforestation, climate change, habitat degradation, indigenous rights abuses and animal cruelty. The large-scale deforestation of areas for production have pushed animals such as the Tiger, Orangutan, Rhinoceros and Elephant to the brink of extinction. It is not only these animals but the many unique and diverse examples of flora and fauna.

 I note from Hains Celestial promotional material that you support ethical practice and endorse the RSPO certification scheme although I commend you for these aims I feel the later needs serious investigation by you as an industry leader. Having recently read a report by the charity the Environmental Investigation Agency into auditing, the certification system, the complaints system and accusation of widespread collusion between auditors and companies, legal compliance and impartiality. If you have delegated responsibility to sourcing policy to the RSPO without your own investigation into these allegations you are by proxy allowing your products to reach consumers that have been sourced in an unethical manner and thus contributing to impacts that the industry is responsible for.

I have enjoyed your products immensely over many years and know that commercially available alternatives in the scale needed are available such as blending exotic fats with liquid fats and this would not impact upon your production or costs. If it simply is a taste I’d suggest allowing consumers a choice which currently is unavailable in your present range.

I would ask Hains Celestial to do the following:

·        Investigate the RSPO certification scheme and see if this fulfils your desire to support animal welfare.

·        Investigation of alternative in the use of Palm Oil in these products.

·        Provide the consumer who does not wish to have Palm Oil in their products with an alternative.

I wait with expectation for your response.

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