Boycott all Hain Celestial Products! Save the Prairie Dogs!

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In 1999 Celestial Seasonings was caught poisoning the prairie dogs on it's property in Boulder, CO. The community was outraged and Rocky Mountain Animal Defense organized a boycott. Celestial Seasonings apologized and came to an agreement with the boycotters to protect the prairie dogs and set up a private prairie park on the land that Celestial Seasonings owns. This agreement included an action plan (listed below) that was published in the local newspaper, Daily Camera May 28th, 1999. 

1999 Celestial Seasonings Action Plan:

1. Immediately limit prairie dog colony management activity to relocation within property boundaries only.

2. Continue meeting with leading environmental and wildlife organizations to hear their concerns first-hand and ask their help to develop our long term strategy for coexistence with the prairie dog colony.

3. Explore the potential for some relocation of prairie dogs to our property.

4. In anticipation of a facility expansion plan, create a buffer zone around the facility with minimal impact on the existing habitat. 

5. Ensure the colony is protected during all activities utilizing the facility, and most importantly, that the fields are not used for parking.

6.Establish a celestial seasonings environmental grant program. 

7. Include education regarding the value and the plight of the prairie dog ecosystem in our company tour and consumer relations efforts.

Now, they want to sell the land and disregard the agreement and action plan they made. This company is not upholding the agreement to the community and prairie dogs. Join us in boycotting all Hain Celestial products until they do the right thing and keep their promise to the community and prairie dogs.