Justice for Terence Crutcher and the Crutcher Family

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On September 16, 2016 Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was shot and killed by then Tulsa Police Officer, Betty Shelby. Mayor GT Bynum initially showed support for Terence Crutcher, his family, and his community stating that in order for Tulsa to do better “the first step is justice for Mr. Crutcher…and the next step is justice for the people Mr. Crutcher loved- his family, his friends, his neighbors.” Furthermore, Mayor Bynum also stated that Tulsa must work together, engage in challenging conversations about race, address inequalities north Tulsans face (a prominently black part of Tulsa), and that "we (Tulsa) need to do better". Citizens of Tulsa, and citizens around the nation have not forgotten about Terence Crutcher, his family, and the fact that Betty Shelby is working as a police officers with back pay, carrying a gun, and patrolling the streets in Rogers County. Therefore, we are demanding justice for Terence Crutcher and his family, and we demand that Mayor GT Bynum:

1. Acknowledge publicly that the City of Tulsa violated Terence Crutcher’s Civil Rights

2.IMMEDIATELY agree to fully implement all the reforms requested by the Crutcher family and the community.*

3.IMMEDIATELY agree to a financial settlement that will provide for Terence’s four children.

By signing this petition, you are a part of a movement that demands justice for Terence Crutcher, his family, and his community. This is the first step in a process to get Mayor GT Bynum's attention, because he has failed to keep his word on implementing community policing, making steps toward reconciliation with Terence Crutcher and the Crutcher family, and finally, the Mayor has ceased communicating about racial disparities and a culture of superiority present within the Tulsa Police Department. Join the movement, demand #justice4Crutch !

*The Crutcher family police reform suggestions include:

·      Independent investigations by the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation.

·      Independent prosecutions of TPD (Tulsa Police Department) officer-involved shootings by the Oklahoma Attorney General.

·      Mandatory annual implicit bias training program for TPD officers, City executives, and elected officials.

·      Mandatory mental health screenings program for TPD officers.

·      Specific policies and annual mandatory training program for TPD officers relating to encounters with mentally ill, disabled, and intoxicated individuals.

·      Mandatory annual de-escalation training program for TPD officers.

·      Mandatory individual liability insurance policies for TPD officers.

·      Mandatory activation of dashboard cameras during every resident encounter.

·      Mandatory policies, training, and equipment for TPD officers to immediately provide first aid to citizens involved in officer-involved shootings.

·      Require TPD’s Deadly Force Review Board have non-police affiliated citizens of the City as members.

·      Require that the TPD Internal Affair’s Annual Report be drafted by an independent agency, using standardized statistics.