Reverse the decision to not allow students to have their phone on their person (in pocket)

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We are politely asking you to allow students to keep their phones on their person instead of them being put away in backpacks.
If an extremely unfortunate event were to happen, and students did not have their phone on them, and weren’t able to alert their parents, their parents may go into extreme panic.
Yes, some students may abuse these simple privileges, however it is inconsiderate to discipline those who didn’t. There are ways that don’t include the entirety of the student body to discipline those who disregarded the prior rules.
Also, if phones are in students backpacks, more students are at risk to have their phones stolen without them knowing as soon as it happens. The quicker you know something is gone, the quicker it is to find it. For many students who keep their phones on them, they notice right away when they dont have their phone on them. Phones are very expensive to replace and may contain many precious memories, important content, and more.
Again, we hope you take our argument into consideration and reverse these rules you wish to implement this upcoming school year of 2018-2019.
Thank you, Haile Middle School Student Body