Stop Operation Kalahari Desert and SWAPO HQ Renovation

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The Namibian economy is in a depression and the standard of living of the average Namibian has been deteriorating for the last decade at a worrying rate.

The Harambee Prosperity Plan has failed to bring any prosperity to Namibians.There is a lack of proper governance, our economy is in a depressed state, policy uncertainty has scared away investors, 37000 individuals have lost their jobs in the last year, Namibia's only referral hospital, Katutura Hospital is in a crisis, the Namibian government is unable to meet it's financial obligations and yet our government, instead of introducing proper corrective measures, has resorted to:

1. Unleashing the military on civilians in an uncalled for, aggressive and inappropriate manner.

2. Given the Chinese a contract to upgrade the SWAPO HQ to tune of N$730 million. 

But to name a few.

We ask this Mr President, when your people are suffering and living pay-check to pay-check, is military harassment going to make things better?

Does the SWAPO party really need to construct a building to the tune of N$730 million, opposite a dilapidated Katutura Hospital? Keep in mind that this hospital is lacking in medicinal supplies as well as advanced technological equipment.

We, the Namibian people, are worried about the state of our country and call on you, Mr President, to stop this madness, show political will and decisive leadership, and fix this country!

We are on the wrong path.


Concerned Namibians Everywhere.